The Power of a Pencil -Susumu Kinoshita and Yoshio Yoshimura-

Term From 6th December 2014 to 8th February 2015
Museum Hours 10a.m. - 8p.m.
Closed Every Tuesday
(When Tuesday falls on a national holiday, we close at the next day.)
Exhibition Admission Adults: 1000yen (800yen)
People over 65 years: 800yen (600yen)
University/High School Students: 500yen (400yen)
Junior High School Students (with current ID) or under: Free
*Parentheses indicate reduced price for groups which in more than 20 people.
The reduced price is also available for those who are physically or mentally handicapped.
Venue Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Gallery Ⅰ,Ⅱ
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